Writing desk and tabouret for MP12 / Our Legacy




Bar stools for MP12



Various pieces with Snickeriet for Chamber



Pilast for Private client



Retail for MP12 / CMMN



Retail with Trés Bien and C.Lidgard



Coffe table for private client




Korint for Snickeriet



Tome for private client



P1 Taburet




Furniture for branding agency


Karl-Johan Hjerling's studio is based in Stockholm and works with design for furniture, product and interior projects. Before setting up his own office in 2012, he previously worked as a retail architect at Acne Studios in Stockholm and as a product designer at Studio Dror in New York City.

In 2012 Karl-Johan co-founded furniture studio Snickeriet, which produces its own line of exceptionally crafted furniture, and carries out bespoke projects for clients. In 2017 Karl-Johan also co-founded design and creative consultancy MP12.

Karl-Johan's work has won several awards and accolades, is internationally represented at galleries and museums and can consistently be seen worldwide press.

Karl-Johan Hjerling AB, Tavastgatan 13, 118 24 Stockholm  www.snickeriet.com www.mp12.se




Havet for Snickeriet





Desks and tables for private client




Frank for Snickeriet



Verk for Snickeriet







Högalid for Wallpaper IV and George Smith, with K. Wallenbeck



Interior for branding agency



Retail with A.Fornell



Thesis for fashion brand



Private project, Spring table


Leather lamp Fä for Snickeriet