Karl-Johan Hjerling

furniture designer
interior architect

borgmästargatan 6


Retail architecture for Très Bien Soho Store, mp12




Pilast for Snickeriet




Havet for Snickeriet




Korint for Snickeriet



Retail interior for Très Bien HQ, mp12




Laban stools for Wavy, mp12




Writing desk and tabourette for Our Legacy, mp12



Air purifier for Livsdal, mp12




With Gran at 'Prints, plots, projections', Venice A. biennale



Limited pieces for Chamber gallery



Frank for Snickeriet




Aluminium desk, Snickeriet




Retail for CMMN, mp12



Verk for Snickeriet



Air purifier for Livsdal, mp12



Interiors for optician Ace&Tate, mp12




Desk and bench, TG series



Tabourette, writing desk and archive stool, P series




Högalid with Karin Wallenbeck for Wallpaper Handmade, Leclettico gallery